is here!

“If you can fail at the things you don’t love, you might as well fail at the things you do love.

– Jim Carrey’s dad said that.

I Write, Shoot and Edit, Funny or Serious Ads

My first time… creating an Ad

Easter Campaign for Decathlon

Support your local Coffee Roaster

From concept to conception

I Act

I have been on T.V, Films, Series, Soaps, TVC and Stage

Documentary Style – Write, Shoot and Edit

Crippled Smiles… also my first real Doccy

An Inspirational Story about two Crippled boys Hiking up Drakensberg!

I Shot a World Famous Hippo

Part 1 of a two part GBV project

Proof that I actually work

Short Film Styled – Write, Shoot and Edit


A short story about a boy who realises he has a superpower.

Adventure time

Music Videos

I Shot a Man.. in a Music Video

Proof that I actually work

My Youtube channel

He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers— all of them skilled workers and designers.
EXODUS 35:35

My other Youtube channel

I have a passion for fishing and filmmaking so I just decided to combine the two. Here's my latest episode.

I also sing



Worship Leader and Singer


Proof that I actually work

Also… I won an Award

I won an award for Videographer of the year






I cannot imagine a world without good stories told in a unique way. Your story needs to be told.

You have to see it clearly and only then do we start with the first steps.

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